History & Mission

About Winchester PHO

Our primary goal is to support physicians and Winchester Hospital so they can deliver the best possible care to their patients in the communities we serve.

The collegial working relationship among our large number of primary care physicians and specialists allows Winchester PHO to keep medical care in our surrounding communities, promoting exceptional medical care at a lower cost.

Created January 1, 2015, the Winchester Physician Hospital Organization (Win PHO) is a joint venture between Winchester Hospital and physicians who practice in the community. The PHO acts as the single agent for managed care contracting, presenting a united front to insurers. 

This arrangement benefits hospitals and physicians because better reimbursement rates from insurance companies can be arranged due to our strength in numbers, and it frees up physician and staff time for patient care. Insurers benefit, too, because they can arrange for primary care services, specialty services, hospital services and more with a single contract.

Mission Statement

To support and promote collaboration to achieve clinical and financial integration within the Winchester Hospital and Provider Network to provide the highest quality care and value to the patients in the communities we so proudly serve.