Referral Policy

Referral Authorizations and Policies

When referring a patient with an HMO Plan for specialty care consultations, payer plans often require a PCP referral authorization. This ensures that our patients are receiving the appropriate care at the right time and at the right place.

At Winchester PHO, our team works closely with specialists directly within our referral circle to coordinate care so that it’s as seamless and convenient to the PCP referring care, the patient receiving care, and the specialist rendering care. Often times, patients who are referred to specialists in the Winchester PHO’s referral circles (via a specialty referral), may be seen without the need for a PCP referral authorization.

Referral Process


If you have questions, please contact

Central Referral Management Department
(781) 756-2111, Option 2


Note: If a specialist is non-participating, a different referral process is required.  Providers who need to refer to a non-participating specialist should download and use this form.