Referral Management

Efficient and Coordinated Referrals

Winchester PHO’s referral management program is aimed at improving collaboration and communication across local providers. The referral process is one way to strengthen and promote the PCP/specialist relationship. 

This coordination allows primary care physicians (PCPs) to work within a network of providers with whom they have established relationships. This strong provider network provides high quality, efficient and coordinated patient care.  

The collegial working relationship among our large number of primary care physicians and specialists allows Winchester PHO to keep medical care in our surrounding communities, promoting exceptional medical care at a lower cost.

For questions on Referral Management, please contact:

Jade McElroy
Manager, Managed Care and Referrals
Winchester Physician Hospital Organization
1021 Main Street, Suite 203
Winchester, MA 01890
Office: 781-756-8679
Fax: 781-756-7274